Regulatory Alert No.3

NPMA Legislative Day

New labeling requirements for non-agricultural pyrethroid insecticides was a topic of great interest at this week’s National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Legislative Day in Washington D.C.

NPMA, industry speakers and EPA representatives presented an overview of the factors leading to these labeling requirements and proposed regulations in the state of California and the potential for similar rules to be adopted in other regions of the country.

PMPs expressed concern that many of these new restrictions would potentially nullify the effectiveness of their treatment, leaving customers with unacceptable results.  There are also concerns about interpretations and enforceability of this new labeling. These concerns were more fully discussed during the NPMA Government Affairs Committee meeting and a working sub-committee was formed to ensure that the nation’s pest management professionals will have a clear voice in the process of reviewing, refining and eventually adopting revised label language for pyrethroids.

Julie Spagnoli of FMC and Brad Chalk, Cheminova, are both members of the NPMA Government Affairs Committee as well as members of the communications committee for the PWG.  Their active involvement in both groups ensures a clear channel of communications between the two organizations.  This collaborative effort can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the PWG in their efforts to reach out to the professional pest management community.