Regulatory Alert No.6

New California Regulations Coming July 19

The California Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR) has issued its final new surface water regulations governing the use of pyrethroid pesticides by pest management professionals.

We would like to make you aware that there will be a number of important changes that will take place as of July 19, 2012. These include limiting or prohibiting certain types of applications. According to the regulations,”applications to vertical structural surfaces, such as walls, foundations, and fencing, must be made using only . . . (1) Spot treatment (2) Crack and crevice treatment (3) Pin stream treatment of one-inch wide or less (4) Perimeter band treatment up o a maximum of two feet above grade level.”

You will not be allowed to make broadcast applications to hard horizontal surfaces (such as driveways and concrete walkways). And PMPs applying granules will be required to sweep any granules that land on hard surfaces back onto the treatment site. Additional restrictions also apply.

The PWG is in the process of developing a news release will be posting an instructional YouTube video demonstrating examples of application methods that comply with the new regulations. We hope to post the video by the end of this month. So stay tuned.